该产品为嵌入热塑性微球的玻璃纤维基表面毡。由于其较低的树脂吸收量及重量,该产品非常适合用于对表面质量要求较高的玻璃钢制品生产。使用 Sphere.skin 的玻璃钢制品具有优异的表面质量(无纤维纹路透出),同时具有优异的均相性及良好的机械性能。搭接及拼接位置纹路不会在玻璃钢制品表面显现出来,产品应用于胶衣+阻隔胶衣/短切毡之后使用在闭模工艺中。


This material is a glass fiber based veil, volumized with thermoplastic microspheres. It is the ideal surface material for injection and infusion processes without fi xed cavity because of its low resin consumption and low weight. Laminates with Sphere.skin have a perfect surface quality (no print through) and are characterized by excellent homogeneity and good mechanical properties. Overlapping and joints are invisible on the surface of the laminate.

It is applied in dry state after gelcoat and barrier coat or pre-laminated chopped strand mat and impregnated with resin in closed mold systems.

应用/Apply In


Suitable for closed mold process.

产品规格/Product Specifications



克重/Weight 厚度/Thickness 宽度/Width 卷长度/Roll length
g/m2 mm cm m
Sphere skin 1.3 55 1.3 130 100